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Erick Matsanza is from West Kenya and a product of a single parent household. Erick’s father left for the United States in search of better opportunities the year Erick was born. Ten years later, Erick’s father returned to Kenya empty handed and would eventually pass away just a year after his return. This left Erick’s mother, “a strong woman who took care of me and my six siblings”, struggling to ensure that Erick and his older brothers and sisters were educated.


Erick recalls the difficulty he found completing his education and how on one Friday afternoon, due to the cost of his tuition, his education nearly came to an abrupt end. On this particular Friday afternoon, Erick overheard his mother and his brothers locked in a heated debate concerning how they would move forward with financing young Erick’s education. Unable to come to any sort of conclusive agreement, Erick’s older sister, a librarian at a nearby school, would provide the solution by taking Erick under her wing to continue his education with her. “Today I stand tall because I am inspired by the actions of my mother and my sister.”




For if not me then who? And if not now then when? I echo the words of Mahatma Gandhi when I say that I have to be the change I want to see in the world.”

– Erick Matsanza



My aim is to subvert the top-down approach to social change through which academic or professional knowledge is of a higher value than lived experience. Valuing status over experience leads to decision-makers making decisions that simply do not work for the majority of Kenya’s citizens, especially women who remain discriminated and marginalised as these decision makers tend to represent the minority of privileged men. This top-down approach often creates systemic human rights violations in which the government is complicit.”

– Erick Matsanza



My mission is to empower women through journalism, critical thinking and creativity. Kenya’s women need to right the wrongs they are all too familiar with in their society.”

– Erick Matsanza



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