SpiceTalks 2016 Organizing Team - SpiceTalks | … ideas from the backyard of society

SpiceTalks, a not for profit initiative by Spice Without Borders, is 100% organized by volunteers who make it possible through the generosity of their valuable time. We seek individuals who bring forth skills across project planning, culture, design, marketing, entertainment and fundraising. The SpiceTalks 2016 Organizing Team included;

» Jayne Waithera – Chairperson

» Erick Matsanza – Founder and Social Change Catalyst

» Veronika Nthenya – Project Accountant

» Paul Mwalaghe – Online Management

» Neema Afwande – Marketing

» Kimberley Renay – Guest Catalyst

» Renalda Mwanyuma – Logistics Management

» Mary Gachiengu – Partnerships


Do you want to be apart of the team that enables the catalyzing of social change? Whatever your talent and passion, you will have something to do.

» You should be above 18+ years of age,

» Positive attitude, High level of motivation

» High level of ownership, taking initiatives and self-management

Interested in Volunteering at SpiceTalks? You can submit a volunteer application here. We review each application form in detail, and look forward to reading yours.