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Neema Afwande is a Business administration and Management specialist who has developed passion in social education. She has worked for several organizations specifically on education assignments with young children and great interaction with women.

Her education inspiration arose after meeting young girls in the rural area being raped for three years by the farther and the mother had been silenced by the husband and the only defense or rescue she could afford was walk out of the home, marriage and family into another marriage.

The lady believed getting into another marriage would save her 6 year old daughter from being assaulted. Unfortunately the new husband only loved her for what she was and not for the baggage she had. The new found husband did not want anything to do with the woman’s children. In desperation the woman decided to settle down for this man forgetting about the suffering of her daughter. This was not a solution and so the little six years old continued being raped till she was 9. Teachers in her school new about it but didn’t do anything due to fear of what the family reaction would be given that even the uncles to the kids who knew about it didn’t see an issue about it.