Maria Njeri Gachihi | 2016 - SpiceTalks | … ideas from the backyard of society

A REDSpice, Maria Njeri couln’t breath for a couple minutes at birth. To a baby that might seem forever as to parents, the first grasp of air is most important. The doctors tried everything to ensure that she is alive but then she had acquired a brain trauma and later it was declared that she had acquired cerebral palsy.

She is lucky that her family accepted her just the way she was otherwise they would have thrown her in a pit the way some have been reported to do. Life is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

She has been a guest to so many therapy centers, since the toddler age of 6 months, if not occupational therapy, then physical and speech. It was a painful experience for her and had to at times cry as her muscles were stretched. She pauses and says, “It worked, I walk now, I do everything on my own now.”

Currently a 3rd year University student and with a vision to help people, develop their lives especially those with cerebral palsy to have a good life and live with dignity. She is creating awareness that persons with cerebral palsy should not be condemned by the society but given a chance to be all that they can be. They have to be accepted and no-one should hide them.

Maria is optimistic that that Kenya is ready to give people with cerebral palsy a chance required because she is proudly cerebral palsied.