Know Your Spice! Catalyze Social Change!

Hot chilies are incredibly complex and with different flavours, so are participants in initiatives by Spice Without Borders (SwB). There are numerous varieties of chillies that come in unique shapes, flavours, and of course, heat.

SpiceTalks, an initiative of Spice Without Borders, is to help you traverse this wild world of spiciness, and it all starts with the Scoville scale through which the heat is measured. Our spice list brings that famous pepper scale to life. It allows you to see the heat from mild to hot, as well as get an idea of what that heat is like on our platform as social change catalysts share their personal stories.

At SpiceTalks, we develop presenters through our Spice Chungu Program while at the same time continuing to seek for presenters from the backyard of society who will inform and inspire. These are voices that count in their backyard.

Culture, personality and gender all play a role in how much you enjoy a fiery meal. Spices especially chilli has always been valued for its ability to add flavor and aroma to dishes and in some cultures their medicinal and antiseptic characteristics are revered. Our Social Change Catalysts are know to challenge the status quo and spiceup their backyards with transformative narratives. They put their backyards into perspective addressing the social ills in their communities. Thats their flavour in making a difference.

So what are the type of spices you will experience at Spice Without Borders and on the SpiceTalks platform? Know Your Spice! Catalyze Social Change! SpiceTalks are categorized in five different categories namely;

GREENSpice: These are individuals who establish community training centers for the marginalized persons and environmental projects

REDSpice: These are individuals who cause change by raising awareness and inspirational talks

YELLOWSpice: These are individuals creators; they are architects of change who use technical inventions for making a social difference

PURPLESpice: These are individuals who use music, the spoken word and other creative abilities to make the world a better place.

ORANGESpice: These are individuals who create social justice through business.

Ready to spice things up? Check out your own recipe from within you and jump to our stage. Inspire and transform mindsets to create a better world for all of us free from all forms of discrimination.