Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your questions we hear from interested stakeholders. Please take a look at our answers below and if you have any other question not answered here do feel free reach out to us.

What is SpiceTalks?

SpiceTalks is an initiative of Spice Without Borders, a nonprofit organization devoted to freedom of expression. SpiceTalks brings you ideas from the backyard of society, usually in the form of short, spicy talks (10 minutes or less). SpiceTalks began in 2016 at Mageuzi Theatre, Pawa254 which offered a venue at Mageuzi Theater where 50 people attended the event. There was film screening from SIMA Awards USA and inspiring talks from the participants. It also attracted Kimberly Renay from the USA who came as a guest catalyst to help the participants. Meanwhile, independently run SpiceTalksX events help ignite conversations at the backyard of society, in communities and organizations around the world.

Our Mission is to Bring out spicy ideas at the Backyard of Society. SpiceTalks is a platform, welcoming diverse people from the margins of society who have the spice and ready to catalyze social change in their backyards. We believe in the power of spicy conversations that challenge the status quo, change attitudes, transform mindsets and ultimately create an inclusive society.

SpiceTalks is a platform for exceptionally spicy ideas from the backyard of society, and a catalytic accelerator for intense social change.

The platform is devoted to transforming the society by the creative and critical voice of the people.

SpiceTalks is owned by Spice Without Borders, a nonprofit organization registered in Kenya. Our agenda is to help spicy ideas at the backyard of society come to the fore and ignite conversations that shape the future of our communities.

What is SpiceTalks "X"?

The SpiceTalks "X" Program is designed to help our participants to ignite conversations in their backyards, communities and organizations, through local SpiceTalks-like experiences. At SpiceTalksX events, live presenters ignite conversation and connections at the local level. SpiceTalksX events are planned and coordinated independently by graduates of Spice Without Borders and participants at the SpiceTalks platform under permission granted by Spice Without Borders.

These community initiatives that run throughout the year unearth hidden issues at the margins of society and with local relevance. "X" means SpiceTalks happening right at the heart of the backyard of society.

Are there certain criteria before applying as a Speaker at SpiceTalks?

Yes! The following eligibility criteria applies

» Have been faced by adversity and overcome a social ill.
» Are eligible to receive any necessary visa to Kenya.
» You will need to be aged 18 years or older at the time you are making your application.
» You could be running a social change project already or wanting to start one.
» Ready to share your personal story to a public audience and have it published on our platforms.
» Have a passion to effect social change in your backyard using your personal story.
» Are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking basic English.
» Willingness to learn and share your skills with peers and mentors.
» Ability to share your skills with your intended project beneficiaries.
» Deep rooted in the community you seek to transform.
» Must be ready to avail yourself when called upon by our Catalysts.
» We respect individuals academic performance however, selection is not based on academic performance or qualification

We do not discriminate applicants based on ethnicity, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, socio-economic status or disability.Spice Without Borders reserves the right to verify all of the information provided during your application and in the event that there is a discrepancy, or information is found to be false, the applicant will immediately be disqualified. Any application not meeting the above eligibility criteria will not be forwarded to the selection team for consideration.

When and where will SpiceTalks take place this year?

The SpiceTalks 2017 conference theme is “All are Spicy.” The spice in you shape our understanding of the past, how we live in the present, and our vision for the future. The inner spice is discovered from within not only by people, but also by companies, institutions and movements.

Each of the speakers selected will be unleashing their inner spice for the future of human rights, social acceptance, art, environmental stewardship, education and beyond. The speakers have the passion in spreading their hope and creativity for a more inclusive world.

The 2017 SpiceTalks conference will take place on November 25, 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for announcements.

What are benefits of participating at SpiceTalks as a Speaker?

Speaker Benefits are as below;

» Training and Mentorship in Public Speaking, Personal Branding and Pitching.
» Safe platform to share your personal story and validate your experience.
» Learning from different perspectives by fellow participants.
» Empowered to see the visible or invisible barriers in your life.
» Being part of Social Change Accelerators movement with new and meaningful connections and relationships.
» SpiceTalks Certificate of Participation.
» Eligible for the Spice Accelerator, a six month catalytic program that empowers participants to develop all the necessary skills to sustainably accelerate social change by Spice Without Borders

I would like to speak or perform at SpiceTalks – how can I apply?

Applications for the SpiceTalks 2017 are now open to be a speaker by filling up our online form . Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about future events and when to apply.

Can I propose or nominate a Speaker?

Absolutely! We focus on individual abilities so your proposed speaker need not be an academician. Use this form to propose a speaker from your backyard for a future SpiceTalks Conference.

SpiceTalks' vision is to create a platform that amplifies social ills, catalyzes and provokes social change through creative abilities to the whole world. We are on a mission to bring out ideas from the backyards of society to a platform where social change accelerators creatively provoke and inspire the general global citizenry.

To disrupt and chart a different course, we need as many talented individuals, from all walks of life, to play a role in promoting a more tolerant and just society that serves the many, not just the few. We seek individuals who have been faced with life challenges, overcome adversity and are passionate, talented social change accelerators, social entrepreneurs and community leaders to share their personal stories to a larger audience and ready to take immediate action for long-term impact. Your proposed speaker doesn't have to be a perfect public speaker as they will receive basic training in Public Speaking, Communication and Personal Branding.

» Go ahead and propose a speaker

Can anyone attend SpiceTalks as a member of the audience? Where can I buy a ticket to attend the conference?

Stay tuned for more information about SpiceTalks 2017 and delegate applications. Sign up for our newsletter for future opportunities.

Why is there a fee to attend SpiceTalks?

SpiceTalks is an initiative of Spice Without Borders, a nonprofit organization. Our event is run solely by a team of dedicated volunteers, and money collected from ticket fees is allocated back to the conference to support costs for venue, operations, food & after party. Charging a fee means that SpiceTalks can become a more self-sufficient initiative, ensuring that SpiceTalks programming and events can be sustained into the future and that we can continue to reach new and broader audiences. Please note that we do not turn away successful applicants who cannot pay the full fee; tickets will be made available to successful applicants who require financial assistance to be part of the audience.

Buying your Event Ticket by Safaricom M-PESA PAYBILL (Mobile Money)

» Go to M-PESA Menu

» Select Lipa na M-PESA

» Select Pay Bill

» Enter 811906 as the Business Number

» Enter Your Name/Organization Name as the Account Number

» Type in the SpiceTalks Conference ticket amount.

» Enter your M-PESA PIN Then send the request

Preserve the Text message to be shown at the entrance.

SpiceTalks is an initiative of Spice Without Borders

Can I get a Subsidized Ticket to attend SpiceTalks?

Yes! You can be considered for a subsidized ticket. SpiceTalks gives a limited number of subsidized tickets to those who require financial assistance. Our subsidized tickets cost Kes.600/-. To be considered for a subsidized ticket to attend SpiceTalks please complete the application form . The 2017 applications will be considered upto the midnight of November 10, 2017. You will be notified on the status of your application in time.

» Go ahead apply for a Subsidized Ticket

How much does the ticket cost for SpiceTalks?

Once you are invited to register, you will be sent a link to purchase your ticket. Tickets are Kes. 1,000/-, which includes entry to the conference and the after party. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How long is the event?

The conference is a full-day, followed by the after party in the evening.

I am a member of the press. How do I obtain a press pass?

There are only a limited number of media passes available for the conference. For any inquiries, please contact

How can my organization get involved as a partner or sponsor of SpiceTalks?

Please visit our partners page for further information. You can email with questions.

Who runs SpiceTalks?

SpiceTalks is an initiative of Spice Without Borders and is planned, organized and executed by a team of dedicated and passionate volunteers.

How can I receive your news and announcements?

You can sign up for our newsletter. Everyone who attends SpiceTalks will be added to our mailing list, in order to receive future announcements and communications from Spice Without Borders about its initiatives. If you have any questions about your e-mail preferences, contact us at

Other questions?

Contact with any questions and we’ll get back to you.