Davies Ateka aka TDave | 2016 - SpiceTalks | … ideas from the backyard of society

A PURPLESpice, Davies Ateka speaks through Music. He believes music chose him. It is because after high school he had an interest to do music in University but her mum refused. She wanted him doing medicine so she got him a couple of application forms to different universities. Being a mamas boy he went through with it till he asked her the fees of about US$ 5,000/-. Coming from a middle class family and at the backyard of society he was not ready to let his parents go through that struggle. So he didn’t send the forms and became stubborn because he was stressed about what he was going to do with his life.

In the midst of all that he was called to University of Nairobi to study Environmental Science which he gladly enrolled in especially because of the credits that come with the University plus the freedom. At the university he met many people and one of them was this girl called Kendi. they were hanging out and his passion for music just got ignited, he sang a song and rapped a long to and she was impressed. Kendi introduced Davies to a couple of producers she happened to know. One day they went to the studio, there was a guy named Rocco who was doing a song ‘Kenyan Love’ and he told him to make a verse which he did and they recorded it. As soon as he heard the song he didn’t believe it was Davis and ever since then Davis has never looked back. No matter what he does or what happens in his life music is always a part of it and that’s how Tdave got into music. Don’t miss listening to his voice. A peace activist he advocates for social change, and prosperity for all.