Spice Participants

Susan Waithera Kagwe | 2016

Is an Advocate of 11 years standing admitted as such in November 2005.

She has had the opportunity to study at the prestigious Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda where she had the opportunity to gain her legal training under the tutelage of some of the best legal scholars in Africa.

She has worked with several law firms in her career to date such as Waruhiu K’owade & Ng’ang’a Advocates, Punja & Kagongona Advocates where she set up the firm and its first offices in Bruce House in the CBD. She has immense experience in Coveyancing, Commercial, Criminal, Corporate, Family and Intellectual Property Law among other areas of the Law. Susan is actively involved in all disciplines of the Law as well as mediation on family and land matters especially through her offices in Kangemi as well as the Pro bono work that she has been doing for FIDA for the past 4 years.

In 2013 Susan took a short break from practice to work for Alabastron Network Trust which is an organization that engages in life coaching for women. The Trust is the producer of a TV program known as My Unspoken. She was involved in setting up the foundations of a legal department within the organization. During her stay at the Trust Susan gained immense experience in training as well as honing her organizational skills.

Susan is now involved in a Mchanganyiko Home in Kibera Slums which is a safe house for sexually abused women and children. The home was set up to assist women who have children with different disabilities. She has been involved in giving them free legal advice as well as getting them assistance for food stuff and other essentials that they are in constant need of.

Susan has a strong passion for women and their rights and empowerment

Mildred Achoch | 2016

PURPLESpice: “Mildred Achoch is a poet, screenwriter and founder of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Film Festival, Kenya (ROFFEKE). She began posting poems online when she was still at the United States International University – Africa, pursuing a degree in International Business Administration.

After graduation, she went into full time writing. As of today, she has written over 200 poems, numerous screenplays (including writing episodes for popular Kenyan TV shows such as Wash and Set, Lies that Bind, The Team and The Agency). In 2011, she began a blog book project titled “Lost in Cyberspace and other found poems” where she explored the “found poetry” format. In April of 2014, during the USA’s National Poetry month, she was the only African to participate in the “Oulipost”, organized by the Found Poetry Review.

She founded the Rock ‘n’ Roll Film Festival, Kenya (ROFFEKE) in 2008. In 2015, over 200 short films and music videos from all over the world were submitted to ROFFEKE, via an online film festival website. She is currently working on a ten-short-films project titled “Let it Be Rock”. Each of the ten short films has a social change theme and is inspired by a Kenyan rock ‘n’ roll song.”

Akol Miyen Kuol | 2016

A PURPLESpice, Akol Miyen Kuol is an author, poet and journalist commonly known as Akoldit . He was born in 1974 in Thurkuruk village in the oil-rich region of Abyei, South Sudan. Due to the continuous political instability in Abyei, he deserted the region in 1978 and underwent studies in northern Sudan. He left Sudan in January 1993 and has since lived in exile until the country split into two in 2011. In 1997, the author was secretary-general of the Abyei community in Egypt. From 2000 to 2001, he worked with UNICEF/Operation Lifeline Sudan on Life Skills Educational Programmes for South Sudan. He co-authored a booklet for UNICEF entitled, ‘Life Skills Programme for South Sudan, HIV and AIDS, Information and Activity Book for Mentors’, 2001. Akol was a contributor to the Sudan Mirror newspaper from 2004 to 2007 and was one of its columnists. His column was entitled ‘The Sun Will be Rising’ in a page titled ‘Focus on Abyei’. In 2006, he worked with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) on Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement. From 2001 to 2005, he was a regular contributor to the BBC on Sudanese, African and world issues. Akol’s poems have been aired over the BBC World Service and Sudan Radio Service on several occasions.

The author has published two collections of poems titled ‘The Sun Will be Rising’, 2001 and ‘The Last Train’, 2003, as well as an analytical book entitled ‘A Case for the Capacity of South Sudanese to Rule Themselves’, 2009. ‘Sudan: Understanding the Oil-Rich Region of Abyei’, which was first published in 2011 is Akol’s fourth book. He also published a paper in 1997 in Cairo, Egypt entitled ‘The Obstacles of Creativity in South Sudan’, in which he proposed among other recommendations, a confederation system as a solution to Sudan and South Sudan problem. Akol is married to Christine Nyanakol Gordon Riak with whom he has three children, Mijak, Nyenawut and Kuol (Mandela, Jr).

Davies Ateka aka TDave | 2016

A PURPLESpice, Davies Ateka speaks through Music. He believes music chose him. It is because after high school he had an interest to do music in University but her mum refused. She wanted him doing medicine so she got him a couple of application forms to different universities. Being a mamas boy he went through with it till he asked her the fees of about US$ 5,000/-. Coming from a middle class family and at the backyard of society he was not ready to let his parents go through that struggle. So he didn’t send the forms and became stubborn because he was stressed about what he was going to do with his life.

In the midst of all that he was called to University of Nairobi to study Environmental Science which he gladly enrolled in especially because of the credits that come with the University plus the freedom. At the university he met many people and one of them was this girl called Kendi. they were hanging out and his passion for music just got ignited, he sang a song and rapped a long to and she was impressed. Kendi introduced Davies to a couple of producers she happened to know. One day they went to the studio, there was a guy named Rocco who was doing a song ‘Kenyan Love’ and he told him to make a verse which he did and they recorded it. As soon as he heard the song he didn’t believe it was Davis and ever since then Davis has never looked back. No matter what he does or what happens in his life music is always a part of it and that’s how Tdave got into music. Don’t miss listening to his voice. A peace activist he advocates for social change, and prosperity for all.

Angose Sylvia Mmbone | 2016

A REDSpice, Sylivia Angose Mmobne is a social visionary. Her life experience at the backyard of society has shaped her. , Having lived in Mukuru – kwa-Njenga, a slum in Nairobi, she quips, “No matter what I have been through in life from a community termed to be full of darkness. I still stick to my vision to make a difference in Mukuru kwa-Njenga.” This is a community where the rate of school drop outs is rampant which has led to the young generation engaging in drug abuse, irresponsible sexual activity amongst the young generation is the order of the day. Birth control is foreign to most households too.

She started boldly talking about reproductive health at a tender age advocating for the use of family planning methods so that families can have a manageable number of children. She has engaged most school drop outs against opting for early marriages.

Her self esteem was induced by the way her parents talked to her, using demeaning words and in harsh tones making her feel worthless in society. She felt discriminated by her own parents. As an overcomer, she seeks to change this and build self esteem for many of her peers. She is determined to make a difference in the society.

Paul Mutuku Kaluki | 2016

A REDSpice, Paul Mutuku is a man on a mission to change the world. He inspires humanity in people around him: a pillar of strength and a restorer of hope. A 2015 winner of the University of Nairobi , Mazingira Challenge. He is a Team Leader and player ready to walk, run, crawl just to make things happen

Paul has enjoyed his life courtesy her mother who raised the family single handedly. He has a dream to empower single mothers to be able to fend for their families given the challenges he witnessed in his family. He passionately louds the strength of a woman.

His story is a journey that everyone wants to listen to, its transformative and you will never look at single mothers in the same way again.

Jacinter Awuor Ouma | 2016

A purple spice, Jacinter is a graduate of Kenyatta University and she is a passionate motivational Speaker who spends most of her free time inspiring and motivating audiences to declutter and detach themselves from the past and unleash the fire in them. She uses her personal experiences and encounters to inspire others to rise above every negative force and take charge of their lives. Her motivational speaking journey started way back in primary school as a way of overcoming her esteem issues. Through attending several trainings, events and addressing different audiences, Jacinter honed her skills to motivate audiences who are often hard to motivate. With her engaging and fun personality, she connects with her audiences immediately and delivers content that can be easily understood and implemented in respective spheres.

Moreover, Jacinter is a talented poet, spoken word artist and writer. She believes in the power of words to inspire others and create social change. Jacinter is passionate about Social Change and as a result she founded SPEAK (Support, Promote, Empower, Advocacy and Knowledge) Initiative that is aimed at empowering communities through promoting social change and civic engagement. Jacinter also works with the young girls and those with disabilities to inform and educate them on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Issues.

In addition, Jacinter is also a Global Youth Ambassador for Milky Way Youth Movement, 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders Runner Up and an Alumnus of YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative)-East Africa Region.


Maria Njeri Gachihi | 2016

A REDSpice, Maria Njeri couln’t breath for a couple minutes at birth. To a baby that might seem forever as to parents, the first grasp of air is most important. The doctors tried everything to ensure that she is alive but then she had acquired a brain trauma and later it was declared that she had acquired cerebral palsy.

She is lucky that her family accepted her just the way she was otherwise they would have thrown her in a pit the way some have been reported to do. Life is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

She has been a guest to so many therapy centers, since the toddler age of 6 months, if not occupational therapy, then physical and speech. It was a painful experience for her and had to at times cry as her muscles were stretched. She pauses and says, “It worked, I walk now, I do everything on my own now.”

Currently a 3rd year University student and with a vision to help people, develop their lives especially those with cerebral palsy to have a good life and live with dignity. She is creating awareness that persons with cerebral palsy should not be condemned by the society but given a chance to be all that they can be. They have to be accepted and no-one should hide them.

Maria is optimistic that that Kenya is ready to give people with cerebral palsy a chance required because she is proudly cerebral palsied.

Carolyne Nyambura Ng’ang’a | 2016

A REDSpice, Carolyne Nyambura Ng’ang’a is a Confident, self driven, ambitious, innovative young woman. A cancer survivor, a mentor and a motivational speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Economics. She is a mother of one. She is a leader in her own rights. In 2013, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent treatment after which she went to recuperate in her parents’ home back in the village where she grew up. While there, she felt the urge to be a source of hope to the backyard of society in Kenyan. A rural society who rarely get access to information hence stigmatizing those battling especially gynecologic cancer as well as sexual and reproductive health issues. In August 2013, she quit her then job of youth empowerment through a USAID funded program and founded a movement HELD Sister Initiative which has now grown to an NGO HELD Sister Foundation.

The organization under the leadership of Carolyne currently prides in; recruiting 15 full time volunteers and many part time volunteers, donated sanitary towels, underwear’s and soap to 1200 needy girls. Mobilized the public to visit Cancer patients in Kenyatta National Hospital and hospices, held 3 successful gala dinners in honor of the hospice patients, partnered with different health care providers to screen 4,000 women from 7 counties for cervical and breast cancer, sponsor 13 patients for cancer treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital, walked with 250 cancer patients and their family offer psycho-social support as they battle with cancer. Carolyne’s work was recognized in March 2014 during the international women’s day by Eco Bank Africa and she was nominated to be the Kenyan nominee for the award “Women Inspiring Change in Africa.” God, compassion and her desire to make a difference in other people’s lives is her greatest motivation.

Grace Nzomo | 2016

A REDSpice, Grace Nzomo quips, “I am not a Mzungu and I am not an Albino.” Grace is positively living with albinism. For her primary education (1998 – 2008) she studied in Thika Road Christian School where she excelled and was called to pursue her O levels in the prestigious Moi Girls’ School Nairobi.

In those four years she studied there her life completely changed. After she had settled for a month, she was informed that since she couldn’t see well, she had to learn Braille as she would be using it in her final exam. After a lot of confusion in between those four years as to whether or not she would have to use Braille, she sat for her final exams in braille and performed quite well contrary to the school’s expectations.

Before her results were released and announced, she went back to her primary school and worked there as an assistant teacher. This is where she discovered her love for children and helping them in every way. She loved every moment she spent with the children some of whom could remember her as a student there 4 years ago.

Currently she is in her 3rd year at United States International University-Africa pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Management.

She also works as a Programs’ Coordinator at Dr. Choksey Albinism Foundation, a charitable trust. The foundation seeks to reach out to all children with albinism in Kenya and improve their quality of life through by facilitating early ophthalmological care, Providing free prescription glasses with photocromatic lenses, Sponsoring quality education for children with albinism. Creating public awareness and understanding about albinism itself as a condition. Providing free sun screen with a high Sun Protection Factor.

Grace is beautiful and works as a part-time model. She sees fashion and beauty as ways through which she can express herself and creates awareness about albinism in a world which is filled with innumerable stereotypes about it. She believes that when one is comfortable in their own skin colour, then they have the confidence to face the world. She wants her life achievements so far to be an encouragement to other people with albinism and also motivate them to strive to go beyond their limits. Confidence grows with every challenge faced, even if it is not overcome at once, it all begins with self love and acceptance.

Her vision is a society in which persons with albinism are fully integrated, appreciated and empowered to realize their full potential. Being able to brighten the corner where she is at the moment is only the first step and only time, and opportunity can tell how far she can go.

SpiceTalks Participants | 2016

At SpiceTalks, we develop presenters through our Spice Chungu Program while at the same time continuing to seek for presenters from the backyard of society who will inform and inspire. These are voices that count in their backyard. SpiceTalks is a platform by Spice Without Borders, a registered international not for profit organization in Kenya under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act. We bring you ideas from the backyard of society through our annual event and other activities that seek to build an inclusive society.

The platform is devoted to transforming the society by the creative and critical voice of the people. Our annual SpiceTalks Event invites social change catalysts from the backyards of society to speak for about 10 minutes. Which we then make available, free on our social stream platforms

Kimberly Renay Mayes | 2016

Known as a passionate leader who breaks down the barriers for women, Chief Empowerment Officer Kimberly Mayes is the Founder of The Kimberly Renay Company, a company housing several entities focusing on business development, strategic purpose planning, advocacy, & living life out loud!

After struggling with ways to develop her own businesses & brand, Kimberly knew it was her purpose to help other women seamlessly develop a dynamic brand full of purpose & profit. She started her journey of developing personal & business brands while attending the University of Florida, where she attained her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Kimberly continued to build brands, including her own, The Kimberly Renay Foundation, which provides resources to survivors of sexual abuse, as she attended Clark Atlanta University graduating summa cum laude with a Masters of Social Work degree.

Upon graduation, Kimberly decided to expand her brand by writing her first self-published book, Pathways to Healing: A 60-Day Empowerment Devotional for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. Since publishing her first book, Kimberly has traveled the United States& Caribbean to educate the community on the effects of sexual abuse as well as provide personal support to survivors who are ready to begin the journey of healing. Kimberly’s desire to see survivors of sexual abuse living life freely has inspired her to translate her book in to Spanish & Swahili, to impact more women across the globe. In discovering the intricate nature of sharing her powerful story, women have come forward & want to share their captivating story to help support others on their unique journey towards healing. Kimberly has decided to help other women write their own impactful stories through her 6-month consulting program.

Kimberly’s devotion to helping women build strong brands, despite life’s challenges, comes from her resilient nature. Kimberly has a unique style of connecting with women who desire to be successful, with authenticity & power. Kimberly is unwavering in empowering & supporting women to uncover their natural abilities & talents!

Kimberly lives in the Washington, DC metro area & loves to travel the world.