Be Spiced! Be Inspired - SpiceTalks | … ideas from the backyard of society

There is more to SpiceTalks than just talks. The medium for speech delivery is not just talks, performance too takes center stage to deliver knowledge, stories and inspiration.

SpiceTalks 2016 featured TDave an artist who livened the participants with his music performance. Join us in uniquely transforming mindsets with ideas from the backyard of society.

SpiceTalks is a platform for exceptionally spicy ideas from the backyard of society, and a catalyst for intense social change. It is a platform by Spice Without Borders, a registered international not for profit organization in Kenya under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act.

We bring you ideas from the backyard of society through our annual event and other activities that seek to build an inclusive society.

The platform is devoted to transforming the society by the creative and critical voice of the people.

Our annual SpiceTalks Event invites social change catalysts from the backyards of society to speak for about 10 minutes. Which we then make available, free on our social stream platforms.

2017 marks the 2th annual SpiceTalks event. The event started as a small conference in 2016 with 50 people attending at Pawa254, Mageuzi Theatre and is growing.