Angose Sylvia Mmbone | 2016 - SpiceTalks | … ideas from the backyard of society

A REDSpice, Sylivia Angose Mmobne is a social visionary. Her life experience at the backyard of society has shaped her. , Having lived in Mukuru – kwa-Njenga, a slum in Nairobi, she quips, “No matter what I have been through in life from a community termed to be full of darkness. I still stick to my vision to make a difference in Mukuru kwa-Njenga.” This is a community where the rate of school drop outs is rampant which has led to the young generation engaging in drug abuse, irresponsible sexual activity amongst the young generation is the order of the day. Birth control is foreign to most households too.

She started boldly talking about reproductive health at a tender age advocating for the use of family planning methods so that families can have a manageable number of children. She has engaged most school drop outs against opting for early marriages.

Her self esteem was induced by the way her parents talked to her, using demeaning words and in harsh tones making her feel worthless in society. She felt discriminated by her own parents. As an overcomer, she seeks to change this and build self esteem for many of her peers. She is determined to make a difference in the society.