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Akol Miyen Kuol, commonly known as Akoldit, launched a peace initiative titled ‘Save The Last Train’ in Nairobi in March 2016 at the SpiceTalks by Spice Without Borders as part of the efforts to save South Sudan peace agreement that was signed in August 2015. In 2017 he was nominated by Defy Hate Now as a Guest Speaker on International Peace Day on 21 September 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Akol is an author, poet, journalist, peace advocate, mentor, influencer, optimist and public speaker. The poet left his home region Abyei for Khartoum in 1978 due to the political instability which is still ongoing until the present time. Akol underwent his studies in Khartoum and Al-Jazirah State and deserted Sudan in January 1993 for Egypt and has since lived in exile until the country split into two in July 2011.

As an author he has published three collections of poems entitled, The Sun Will Be Rising, The Last Train, and Intizar (meaning Waiting in Arabic), and two analytical books titled, A Case For the Capacity of South Sudanese to Rule Themselves, and Sudan: Understanding the Oil-Rich Region of Abyei. He also co-authored a booklet for UNICEF entitled, ‘Life Skills Programme for South Sudan, HIV and AIDS, Information and Activity Book for Mentors’, 2001.

As a mentor Akol offers public speeches on various occasions to direct individuals (especially South Sudanese) towards the future with confidence and determination by employing their skills, experiences and knowledge. As a journalist he worked with BBC for ten (10) years until he voluntarily resigned in March 2017 to dedicate his time, efforts and energy to national and peace issues, and writing as well.  He has contributed to various Sudanese, South Sudanese and East African newspapers, as well as the BBC on Sudanese, African and world issues. Being a Peace Activist, Akol advocates for peace nationally and internationally, mainly through his poetry.

Akol visited a number of countries and eventually came to Kenya in 1999 taking it as his base. During those years, he worked with UNICEF, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). Akol is married to Christine Nyanakol Gordon Riak with whom he has three children: Mijak, Nyenawut and Kuol (popularly known as Mandela, jr).